Z-CERT officially opened during the first cybersecurity conference


Z-CERT was officially opened by Erik Gerritsen, secretary general of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. This happened during the first cybersecurity conference for the healthcare sector in The Hague. Z-CERT is a new organization that will support healthcare institutions in the field of cyber security.

The threat of cyber incidents in healthcare is increasing strongly. This concerns, for example, ransomware or data leaks, in which medical data from patients can end up in the wrong hands. But it is also about the protection of, for example, medical equipment or e-health applications.

"The awareness of digital security in the healthcare sector must be increased," says Nienke van den Berg, founder and director of Z-CERT. "It is a sector where many confidential data are recorded and exchanged, and the safety of patients can depend on the security of digital equipment."

Z-CERT supports healthcare institutions when there is a cybersecurity incident, but also helps institutions to structurally improve their resilience in the area of cybersecurity. Knowledge and experience are also exchanged. Z-CERT was founded on the initiative of a number of healthcare sectors, with the support of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport.