Stichting Z-CERT
Stationsplein 121
3818 LE Amersfoort
the Netherlands
+31 (0) 33 737 06 09
[email protected]
Chamber of Commerce 67374972
VAT 856955516B01


Z-CERT is a Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), developed specifically for institutions in the healthcare sector. Z-CERT offers specialized services to healthcare institutions with regards to optimal cyber security protection, and offers support in case an incident has occurred. Z-CERT has in-depth knowledge of medical applications, medical networks and medical devices.

At this moment all hospitals (ranging from academic "UMCs", top clinical "STZ" to "General" hospitals) as well as mental healthcare institutions ("GGZ") can register with Z-CERT as a participant (constituency). Z-CERT will be extending its services to other healthcare providers in the near future.

Z-CERT closely collaborates with other (inter-)national CERTs, such as the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) and the Information Security Service (ISS) for the municipalities, on a daily basis. Z-CERT is a foundation with a not-for-profit objective.